Call Wordtree When Writing Has You Stumped

18 April 2012

This is the second in a series of case-studies about local professionals using social media marketing and communications for their small and medium businesses. We’re interviewing some early adopters who are using free or low-cost tools to positively impact their bottom lines. It was originally published to MatrixMediaFX on June 18, 2010. 

“Often people know what they want, but they call me when they can’t finish it.” This is how Sue Varty describes the service she provides through her online content writing business, Wordtree Consulting. Founded by Sue in 2006 as a part-time business, Wordtree is designed to help people finish online writing projects. In the beginning, Sue didn’t have a big marketing budget, but she did have eight years of private blogging experience, and after founding Wordtree she decided to go public with her blogging.

Sue considers herself a “Twitter blogger”, and micro-blogging has long been an important component of her social media strategy. When she first started Wordtree, Twitter allowed Sue to add her voice to industry conversations without a major time or financial commitment. Twitter also allows Wordtree to compete fairly with larger businesses, and Sue credits the micro-blogging service for its ability to communicate directly with her target market.

Twitter has also been a great referral service for Sue. “My Twitter followers are referrals,” says Sue, who once landed a client in California thanks to a re-tweet from a mutual follower. “I always ask people how they found me, and they always go back to Twitter.”

For Sue, the basic principle of business marketing is simple. “People do business with people they know, like, and trust, and social media allows that relationship to happen.”

When asked what kind of advice she might give to other small businesses starting to use social media, Sue emphasizes the importance of understanding your target market. “Keep an open mind and find out where your customers are,” she says. “If your target audience is on Facebook, go there.”

You can find out more about Wordtree Consulting by visiting their official website or by following Sue on Twitter @wordtree.

Please note: The businesses profiled in this series are not our clients—they are local innovators and initiatives we admire and are learning from. Would you like us to profile how your business is using social media tools? Hope you’ll get in touch!

Interview by Alexandra Macgregor (@apvmacgregor)


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