Hello! (An Update)

18 April 2012

I’ve spent today copying + pasting some of my previous blog posts for MatrixMediaFX to this site, which has been languishing since September and my life got a little more than carried away with the commitments of writing a thesis and TAing upper year English courses. Re-reading some of my older work reminded me just how much fun writing (not just reading!) blogs can be and I sincerely intend to keep this blog active over the coming months.

In case you’re wondering what has become of me, as of right now I’m on the job hunt! I’ve had a few promising interviews in the last couple of weeks, one of which led to me an exciting internship with the Peel Children and Youth Initiative, a non-profit based out of Mississauga. It’s a short-term, part-time volunteer commitment and I’m very excited to be on board. I’ve given a number of presentations to non-profit organizations over the last year or so on the virtues of social media and it will be lovely to put theory into practice. I’m looking forward to sharing more about my experiences on this blog as things develop. At the moment, I’m strategizing ways PCYI can increase their reach using social media, especially to promote the Enrolled By 6 program. As a professional student and lover of all things educational, I’m obviously stoked to be part of an initiative to increase the accessibility of post-secondary education to all children!

In closing, I’d like to plug an interesting course I hope to be taking in the next few months at the University of Waterloo. Social Media for Business Performance is a professional development course taught by Dr. Peter Carr. It’s much more than a marketing/branding course (which is my area of expertise) — rather, it seeks to give participants the knowledge and skills needed to exploit social media tools to improve the performance of their organizations. If you’re interested in learning more about what social media can do to improve the day-to-day functioning of your business, I suggest you check out the course website — and maybe I’ll meet you in the [virtual] classroom!


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