Viva Social Media!

18 April 2012

This is the third in a series of case-studies about local professionals using social media marketing and communications for their small and medium businesses. We’re interviewing some early adopters who are using free or low-cost tools to positively impact their bottom lines. It was originally published to MatrixMediaFX on June 18, 2010. 

If you ask Anthony Agostino, he would say social media should be an integral part of any successful business. Anthony is the President and CEO of Viva Productions, a television and video production company in Kingston, Ontario. Founded in 2004, the company specializes in video production for corporate, TV and online use. Anthony began using social media out of personal interest and now Viva Productions has an online presence that spans Facebook, Twitter, and of course, YouTube. “Networking is essential in any business,” says Anthony. “Over time I realized the value of how many people you can get in touch with using social media.”

For Anthony, the best part about social media is it allows small businesses to market themselves for free. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with former and potential clients and showcase the company’s work. Anthony says that Viva Production’s largest following can be found on Facebook, but YouTube is another fantastic asset. “We can put work out there and get people to see it.” YouTube has been a key networking tool for Anthony, who says he often meets people after they’ve seen his content online.

In the future, Anthony hopes Viva Productions will expand its online presence and link up with newcomers on the social media scene like FourSquare. “We’re always looking to expand, so the more exposure, the better.”

Anthony encourages other businesses to take the leap and start using social media immediately. “Do it,” he says, “First and foremost, any way you can brand yourself is critical, but if you can do it for free, why not? For me it’s a no brainer. This isn’t a trend; this is a new way to do business.”

You can learn more about Viva Productions by visiting their website, Facebook fan page, and by following Anthony on Twitter @vivaproductions.

Please note: The businesses profiled in this series are not our clients—they are local innovators and initiatives we admire and are learning from. Would you like us to profile how your business is using social media tools? Hope you’ll get in touch!

Interview by Alexandra Macgregor (@apvmacgregor)


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